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The best time to perform Umrah is?
Omam Khalid . March 21, 2018 . Knowledge

Umrah, the visit to Kaa'ba, becomes more rewarding when performed in a particular month

Here's what you should know about Tarawih
Omam Khalid . March 21, 2018 . Knowledge

Tarawih is not obligatory but is still of utmost importance

5 quick meals for Iftar
Maleeka Saqlain . March 21, 2018 . Lifestyle

The different types of cuisines around the world reveal how diverse the iftar meals are and yet, how similar in their essence.

5 Quick Meals For Suhur
Awais Kazmi . March 21, 2018 . Lifestyle

Make your life easy with these 5 delicious and filling meals for Suhur without spending much time in the kitchen.

Ali ibn Abi Talib-A role model for the mankind
Amna Anwaar . March 21, 2018 . Knowledge

Ali (RA) was a great man not only for the Islamic realm but for all of the humanity.

History and health benefits of Henna
Amna Anwaar . March 21, 2018 . Knowledge

Henna is not only for adornment but has several health benefits as well.

How can you be respectful of your Muslim friends during Ramadan
Amna Anwaar . March 21, 2018 . Knowledge

FYI: Ramadan is every Muslim’s favorite month

Do you want to have a Meaningful Ramadan?
Guest Writer . March 21, 2018 . Knowledge

Learn how to empower yourself to discover the beauty and blessings of Ramadan and establish a strong connection with Allah (SWT)

The Dos and Don'ts of Ramadan
Omam Khalid . March 21, 2018 . Lifestyle

There is much more to Ramadan than the mechanical act of keeping and breaking a fast.

Want to complete Quran during Ramadan? Here’s how you can do this!
Omam Khalid . March 21, 2018 . Lifestyle

The fact that the Quran was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in the month of Ramadan only makes it more sacred for the Muslim Ummah.

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