The holy month of Ramadan is a month of blessing as well as trial, the test is great but the rewards are even greater. The early Muslims had to go through many trials and tribulation for the propagation and survival of Islam. And the battle of Badr is one such example of their struggles and hardships. This battle was important because it established Islam as the one true religion for all of the humanity – had the Muslims lost this battle, Islam would have been wiped off forever.

The battle of Badr was fought between the Muslims and their enemies (the Quraish) on 17th of Ramadan. With an army of 313 men, the Holy Prophet (PBUH) stood against 1000 pagans who were ready to kill the people and the religion they were so proudly spreading.

The lack of fighting men was not the only problem being faced by the Muslims at the time. It was the month of Ramadan and the believers had to fight the most important battle of their lifetime – most of them were not trained fighters and they lacked the proper arms and ammunition for war. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) was aware of the advantage the unbelievers had and so before going into the battle, he prayed to the Lord Almighty and implored Him to help the meek army:

“O Allah! I ask you the fulfillment of Your Covenant and Promise. O Allah! If You wish (to destroy the believers) You will never be worshiped after today." Abu Bakr caught him by the hand and said, "This is sufficient, O Allah's Apostle! You have asked Allah pressingly." The Prophet was clad in his armor at that time. He went out, saying: "Their multitude will be put to flight and they will show their backs. Nay, but the Hour is their appointed time (for their full recompense) and that Hour will be more grievous and more bitter (than their worldly failure).” (Bukhari 4:52:164,452)

And to this prayer, the Lord responded with thousands of angels to assist the Muslims in the battle that was going to decide the future of Islam and its followers. In the Holy Quran, regarding this holy battle the Lord says:

“Indeed Allah assisted you at Badr when you were weak, so be careful (to your duty) to Allah so that you may be of the thankful ones. When you said to the believers ‘Does it not suffice you that your Lord should assist you with three thousand angels sent down’”. (Quran 3:123).

Muslims fought many battles after this one but had they lost their first battle, it would surely have been the last. It was a test of their patience and faith and they all stood firmly next to the Prophet (PBUH) of Allah and did not falter for even a moment. And surely Allah makes it easier for those who are steadfast in their belief in the Lord and His plans. The battle of Badr was a testament to this fact: He helped the believers who did not doubt Him for even a moment. And the month of Ramadan is a blessing for the reason that not only was the Quran revealed to us in this month but the religion persevered and survived the test of time in this month too.

The author

Omam Khalid