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Home News Easy Ways to Keep Yourself Stress-Free During Periods

Easy Ways to Keep Yourself Stress-Free During Periods

IslamicFinder  .  Monday March 20, 2023
 . Women Guide

Feeling the stress building up during the blue days? We have you covered!

Here are five helpful self-care strategies to ease your milder feelings of depression and stay stress-free during periods:

  • Engage in regular physical activities to keep yourself active, such as jogging, stretching, walking, and practicing yoga.

  • Promote a better sleeping schedule during the days of the period so that you get enough sleep every night.

  • Indulging in meditation, such as yoga, breathing exercises, journaling, massage, aromatherapy, guided imagery, and progressive muscle relaxation, can also help alleviate a lot of stress.

  • No matter the source of menstrual depression, having emotional support around and sharing your feelings with someone you trust always helps ease your anxiety.

Lastly, consuming a balanced diet, limiting your sugar intake, and not giving in to your junk food cravings helps greatly in keeping your mood swings at bay.

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