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Effective Ways to Cope With Stress

IslamicFinder  .  Thursday May 12, 2022
 . Knowledge

How do you cope with overwhelming stress? It is natural to feel a bit disoriented as all your fears take over, and you’re left alone to get your affairs in order point-blank.

However, the style and attitude you choose to take on during this time can play a vital role in how the situation progresses. Islam is a religion that holds answers to all your questions once you know how to channel your thoughts calmly and patiently to the Almighty Allah. 

Since your coping styles matter, here are some effective ways to deal with the stress in your life that helps you get back in control:

1- Make Heartfelt Duas

Allah (SWT) never denies the sincere supplications made to Him by a troubled soul. And indeed, after hardships comes ease, when the Almighty is with you.

2- Avoid Overexposure to Social Media

Be careful of the amount of time you give and who you follow on your social media. It’s easy to fall into the false traps as you’re instinctively forced into comparing your life with social media’s blinding glamor and fake happiness display.

3- Spend Time In Remembrance of Allah (SWT)

Because Allah (SWT) says:

“And whoever turns away from My remembrance - indeed, he will have a depressed life.” – (Surah Taha: 124)

4- Think of Your Daily Prayers as a 5-Layer Shield

Plan your day around the five salahs instead of the other way around to surround yourself with Allah (SWT) ’s protection round the clock.

5- Recite Surah Duha 

The significance of this Surah is that it was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) at a time when he was severely depressed.

6- Do Istighfar

You never know when you’re experiencing something unfortunate is a punishment for a sin you may have committed, either deliberately or otherwise. So, do Istighfar continuously whenever you feel the stress taking over your life and around everything you have built.

May Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala give us the patience to deal with life’s stress and hardships with ease. Ameen.

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