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Why Suicide is Haram in Islam?
IslamicFinder . December 16, 2022 . Knowledge

Islamic ruling on Suicide in the light of the Quran and Hadith.

Effective Ways to Cope With Stress
IslamicFinder . May 12, 2022 . Knowledge

Dealing with overwhelming stress? Your coping styles matter!

4 Ways to Reconnect With Allah (SWT) When Feeling Lost
IslamicFinder . March 15, 2022 . Knowledge

Let's learn how to reconnect with the Almighty Allah (SWT) and purify our souls!

7 Proven Health Benefits of Ablution (Wudhu)
IslamicFinder . January 25, 2022 . Knowledge

Performing Wudhu (ablution) purifies our body, in addition to inducing health benefits that positively affect our mental and physical wellbeing.

Reading the Quran to combat Depression
Amna Anwaar . June 25, 2020 . Spirituality

A lot of us experience depression so here is a tip to overcome it.

Being Content
Arshia Nisar . October 18, 2017 . Lifestyle

Happiness is correlated to being content. If you feel satisfied with your life, you'll feel happier.

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