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9 Reasons to Donate to Zakat Foundation of America

IslamicFinder  .  Saturday October 15, 2022
 . Knowledge

Zakat Foundation of America is a Chicago-based NGO providing emergency relief, post-disaster rehabilitation, sustainable development, education, healthcare, orphan sponsorship, and seasonal programs such as Ramadan Iftars and Udhiya/Qurbani since 2001.

Here are 9 sectors the Zakat Foundation of America tends to, giving us as many reasons and opportunities to donate to them for a better present and future!

1- Water

The global water crisis has been affecting millions of people around the world for many years now. People without access to safe, clean water at home spend 200 million hours collecting clean water each year. The Zakat Foundation’s clean water program helps your fellow brothers and sisters gain access to safe water easily.

2- Education

The Zakat Foundation is also deeply committed to providing the poor and vulnerable full access to inclusive and equitable quality education.

3- Food Security

The foundation’s growing, global food security program now feeds an astonishing 10 million meals a year to the hungry, malnourished and undernourished, including 10 million pounds of meat in 44 countries.

4- Emergency Relief

Similarly, Zakat Foundation has been helping victims of disaster and violent conflict for a long time. They convert your gifts of compassion into life-saving relief that is brought directly and locally to afflicted women, children, men, families, and elderly.

5- Orphan Care

Imagine being left all alone in this world as a vulnerable child. You quickly lose the one thing that keeps all of us young: hope. The Zakat Foundation’s Orphan Care Program provides orphaned children with hope, love, and prospects for the future.

6- Health & Wellbeing

Not to mention, the foundation is also leading critical projects to heal bodies, minds, and souls among the neediest. 

7- Refugee Empowerment

Zakat Foundation has been alleviating the needs of vulnerable families and children through refugee empowerment. They have created landmark relief, resettlement, care, education, and life-rebuilding aid programs and facilities for thousands of Syrians, Afghanis, Rohingya, Palestinians, Venezuelans, Somalis, and people across central Africa fleeing conflict.

8- Livelihoods

The Zakat Foundation’s sustainable livelihood projects help people meet economic and work needs vital to their wellbeing. Their thriving livestock programs, agricultural cooperatives, and vocational and entrepreneur courses in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Central and South America have given thousands (particularly women) the means, know-how, and resources to uplift themselves, their families, and their communities to financial independence, better health and nutrition, and quality education.

9- Seasonal Islamic Giving

During seasonal Islamic giving, Zakat Foundation has fed 10 million meals to fasters last Ramadan and distributed 10 million lbs. of meat as offerings of nearness (Qurbani) this past Hajj season.

Inspired? Let’s donate now to Zakat Foundation of America and help those in need by clicking here!

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