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Prayer Times in Canada


Prayer Times

Top Cities in Canada

1 Jumada Al-Akhirah, 1439 Hijri

City Fajr Sunrise Dhuhr Asr Maghrib Isha Qiyam
Calgary, AB 06:13 AM 07:45 AM 12:51 PM 03:26 PM 05:57 PM 07:29 PM 02:07 AM
Calmar, AB 06:11 AM 07:48 AM 12:50 PM 03:19 PM 05:51 PM 07:28 PM 02:03 AM
Edmonton, AB 06:10 AM 07:48 AM 12:48 PM 03:17 PM 05:49 PM 07:27 PM 02:03 AM
Hamilton, ON 05:54 AM 07:12 AM 12:34 PM 03:28 PM 05:55 PM 07:14 PM 01:53 AM
Montreal, QC 05:29 AM 06:51 AM 12:09 PM 02:58 PM 05:26 PM 06:49 PM 01:28 AM
Ottawa, ON 05:37 AM 06:59 AM 12:17 PM 03:07 PM 05:35 PM 06:57 PM 01:35 AM
Québec, QC 05:20 AM 06:44 AM 11:59 AM 02:46 PM 05:15 PM 06:39 PM 01:17 AM
Vancouver, BC 05:47 AM 07:15 AM 12:27 PM 03:08 PM 05:38 PM 07:07 PM 01:44 AM
Winnipeg, MB 06:05 AM 07:35 AM 12:43 PM 03:22 PM 05:52 PM 07:21 PM 02:00 AM
Toronto, ON 05:52 AM 07:11 AM 12:32 PM 03:25 PM 05:53 PM 07:12 PM 01:51 AM
Mississauga, ON 05:53 AM 07:12 AM 12:33 PM 03:26 PM 05:54 PM 07:13 PM 01:52 AM
Halifax, NS 05:50 AM 07:11 AM 12:29 PM 03:19 PM 05:46 PM 07:07 PM 01:48 AM
Windsor, ON 06:06 AM 07:24 AM 12:47 PM 03:42 PM 06:09 PM 07:27 PM 02:07 AM
Kingston, ON 05:41 AM 07:01 AM 12:21 PM 03:13 PM 05:40 PM 07:01 PM 01:40 AM
London, ON 06:00 AM 07:18 AM 12:40 PM 03:34 PM 06:01 PM 07:20 PM 01:59 AM
Brampton, ON 05:53 AM 07:13 AM 12:33 PM 03:26 PM 05:54 PM 07:13 PM 01:52 AM
Scarborough, ON 05:52 AM 07:11 AM 12:32 PM 03:25 PM 05:52 PM 07:12 PM 01:52 AM
Waterloo, ON 05:56 AM 07:15 AM 12:37 PM 03:30 PM 05:57 PM 07:17 PM 01:55 AM
Surrey, BC 05:45 AM 07:13 AM 12:25 PM 03:07 PM 05:37 PM 07:05 PM 01:41 AM
Kitchener, ON 05:56 AM 07:15 AM 12:36 PM 03:30 PM 05:57 PM 07:17 PM 01:55 AM
Victoria, BC 05:48 AM 07:15 AM 12:28 PM 03:11 PM 05:40 PM 07:08 PM 01:44 AM
North York, ON 05:52 AM 07:11 AM 12:32 PM 03:25 PM 05:52 PM 07:12 PM 01:52 AM
Montr├â┬®al-Ouest, QC 05:29 AM 06:51 AM 12:09 PM 02:59 PM 05:27 PM 06:49 PM 01:27 AM
St Catharines, ON 05:51 AM 07:10 AM 12:31 PM 03:26 PM 05:53 PM 07:12 PM 01:51 AM
Brandon, MB 06:16 AM 07:46 AM 12:54 PM 03:33 PM 06:03 PM 07:32 PM 02:11 AM


All Cities and Towns in Canada

Angliers, QC
N:47.55, E:-79.2333
Angling Lake, ON
N:53.8448, E:-89.53
Angus, ON
N:44.3167, E:-79.8833
Angusville, MB
N:50.7337, E:-101.0249
Anjou, QC
N:45.6, E:-73.5333
Anmore, BC
N:49.2967, E:-122.8457
Annaheim, SK
N:52.3167, E:-104.8178
Annan, ON
N:44.5665, E:-80.9421
Annapolis Royal, NS
Nova Scotia
N:44.7333, E:-65.5167
Anola, MB
N:49.8837, E:-96.6334
Anse-Bleue, NB
N:47.6116, E:-65.6508
Antigonish, NS
Nova Scotia
N:45.6168, E:-61.9986
Antler, SK
N:49.5671, E:-101.4496
Anzac, AB
N:56.4529, E:-111.0565
Apex, NU
N:63.7167, E:-68.45
Apohaqui, NB
N:45.72, E:-65.7522
Appin, ON
N:42.7958, E:-81.6492
Apple Hill, ON
N:45.2194, E:-74.7646
Applegrove, BC
British Columbia
N:49.8833, E:-118.0833
Appleton, NL
Newfoundland and Labrador
N:48.9832, E:-54.8649
Apsley, ON
N:44.75, E:-78.0833
Aquaforte, NL
Newfoundland and Labrador
N:46.9999, E:-52.9648
Arbeau Settlement, NB
N:46.7308, E:-65.8303
Arborfield, SK
N:53.1167, E:-103.65
Arborg, MB
N:50.9, E:-97.2167
Arcadia, NS
Nova Scotia
N:43.8272, E:-66.0626
Archerwill, SK
N:52.4333, E:-103.851
Arcola, SK
N:49.6333, E:-102.4833
Arctic Bay, NU
N:73.0333, E:-85.1667
Ardath, SK
N:51.5933, E:-107.1713
Arden, MB
N:50.2833, E:-99.234
Arden, ON
N:44.7173, E:-76.9331
Ardendale, ON
N:44.7222, E:-76.9198
Ardill, SK
N:49.9397, E:-105.8425
Ardmore, AB
N:54.3322, E:-110.4772
Ardoch, ON
N:44.9303, E:-76.9072
Ardrossan, AB
N:53.5225, E:-113.1022
Arelee, SK
N:52.2577, E:-107.4988
Argenta, BC
British Columbia
N:50.1833, E:-116.9333
Argyle, NS
Nova Scotia
N:43.7979, E:-65.8555
Argyle, MB
N:50.6335, E:-96.9867
Arichat, NS
Nova Scotia
N:45.5411, E:-60.9718
Ariss, ON
N:43.5753, E:-80.365
Arkell, ON
N:43.5381, E:-80.1671
Arkona, ON
N:43.0666, E:-81.8325
Armagh, QC
N:46.75, E:-70.5833
Armena, AB
N:53.1168, E:-112.952
Armond, NB
N:46.549, E:-67.2208
Armstrong, BC
British Columbia
N:50.45, E:-119.1833
Armstrong Station, ON
N:50.2994, E:-89.0341
Arnaud, MB
N:49.1411, E:-97.1484
Arnes, MB
N:50.6335, E:-96.9867
Arnold's Cove, NL
Newfoundland and Labrador
N:47.7693, E:-53.987
Arnolds Cove, NL
N:47.7758, E:-53.9799
Arnprior, ON
N:45.4334, E:-76.3494
Arnstein, ON
N:45.9182, E:-79.9613
Arntfield, QC
N:48.2008, E:-79.2508
Aroland, ON
N:50.2203, E:-86.9622
Aroostook, NB
N:46.7499, E:-67.7002
Aroostook Junction, NB
N:46.7499, E:-67.7002

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